Meta Tag redirect problem for Sharing to Google+

Lab | March 11, 2013 | 2 Comments

If your website has only one HTML file, and using hash tag(#) to load different pages – like All Flash website – you can use custom share.php to share your website with different information for each pages.

This is an old version share.php code

It was working pretty well until last week.
But suddenly it doesn’t work perfectly, which means, Google+ doesn’t get the informations (title, description and thumbnail image) from share.php.
The problem is because of meta tag redirect.

So just use Javascript redirect instead of meta tag redirect.
Besides, you don’t need to use microdata anymore.
Google+ recommend to use that – see this page –, but now Google+ perfectly get the informations from Open Graph protocol.
Here is the code.



Thanks to Emily and Zeh to found the solution of this problem with me.