Web Art Exhibition

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  • http://www.webart.or.kr
  • Web Art Exhibition – December 2009
  • Jongmin Kim

날 쳐다보는 쓰레기봉지

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집에 가는 길에

ddanga Bookmark

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This is a simple bookmarking program that allows you to share your bookmarks across multiple environments.
For instance, let’s say that you add a bookmark to the web browser in your office; you won’t be able to see it from your home browser.
This application allows you to share the new bookmark across your work and home computers by saving your web hosting data.

The application has three modes – offline, online and share.
Offline mode stores the bookmark information to the user’s hard drive so it can be can be emailed or delivered by some other physical means to the destination computer.
Share mode allows you to publish your books to your web server so that other users can see your all of your bookmarks.
On-line mode allows you to sync your bookmarks by updating the xml bookmark file on your web hosting server so that it can be read by both computers via the bookmark application.



This application was written in Adobe Air v. 2.0.
Please click “install now”.

If you intend to use on-line mode, download the PHP files to your web hosting environment.
You will need to change the permissioning on the file to either 777 or 755.
The default application password is 0000.
Download – bookmark_php.zip


1. Off-line Mode

To use off-line mode, first select the drive, folder and filename where you want to save your data file.
Once created this folder will store the data file for your bookmark information under drive://foldername//filename.cm.

Please note: this same path will need to be set up on each machine using the application.

2. On-line Mode

To use on-line mode, you must have common web hosting environment and this environment must support php files.
As mentioned above, download the php file, copy to your web hosting environment and update the permissioning settings.
(Please change files permission to 777 or 775)
In the application interface, enter the url and path information on the web hosting environment to the php file.
(ex: http://myhome.com/bookmark/)
Enter the password (default 0000).
Hit confirm.

Download – bookmark_php.zip

3. Share mode

There are two modes for share mode : Share local file and Share web file.
You can’t add, modify and delete data at Share web file mode.

Share local file: Using this mode the user can share his/her bookmark information via a file that is created when the user selects the “export my data file” button.
The user can deliver this file to the other user via email, etc. and the second user can upload the file on their machine.
The file can then be loaded using the import data file.

Share web file: In this mode, the bookmark file is uploaded to the users web hosting environment.
The second user may see the shared bookmark information using the url to this file on the first users web hosting server.
The file name is “list.php”.
You add the file by clicking the add button.
In the add window you add other users (friends) urls and hit confirm.
The other users’ information will be automatically loaded into the interface.

4. Adding Categorys

To add a bookmark, select add category from the main window.
In the pop up screen, enter first the category name for the bookmark and select add.

5. Adding Bookmarks

In the main window, click the + sign next to the newly created category.
In the Add List window, write or paste the url for the bookmarked page into the url box and the display name for this bookmark (if you don’t add a name, you will just see the url).
Click add.
In the main window you will now see the new bookmark under the (or existing) category.

6. Basic Use
You will notice the “modify” and “delete” buttons when you mouse over the plus sign next to the category.
These allow you to edit the category name.
You can add and delete individual urls by clicking the icon in front of each url name under the category.

You can change the position of a given category by clicking and dragging the category within the window.

7. Additional Uses

– If you are in online mode and the network is connection is lost, you will see an error message “Disconnected Network”.
– You can collapse and expand all categories by right clicking and selecting open all categories or close all categories.
You can collapse and expand individual categories by simply clicking the category name.
– To disable the resize animation, deselect the “auto resize” option in the settings display.
If you have any questions, comments, suggested enhancements or bug reports, please contact me directly at cmiscm@gmail.com.