RBT is the popular APP in my town.

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I updated iOS7, and there is new function called ‘Popular Near Me’ which is show the popular app near your location.

My RBT app is the most popular app in my (little) town – Roosevelt Island.

Super exciting, haha :)

[Poster] Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation – RBT

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  • http://www.rioc.com
  • Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation – September 2011
  • Red Bus Tracking

RBT : Red Bus Tracking

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I live in Roosevelt Island.
Roosevelt Island is very nice place, but it is sometimes so annoying to wait Red Bus.
That’s why I made this App named RBT(Red Bus Tracking).
It’s very helpful to know how far away the Red Bus is, so I can go Cafe or Store while I’m waiting.
I want to share this convenience with everyone who takes Red Bus.
RBT is can tracking two types bus : Shuttle and Express.
You can select each type or all types at Setting Screen.
The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation made a poster to download the app, and pasted the posters on the bus stops and in the bus. It was the popular app in the town and I’ve got a lot of thank you messages from the people who live in Roosevelt Island.


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  • +RBT is the popular APP in my town – September 2013
  • +Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation – RBT – September 2011


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