Riding a Cruiser board

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I’m starting to ride a skateboard these days – Actually it’s not a skateboard, it’s a cruiser board, but anyway.
When I was a child, I saw a boy who was riding a skateboard in American TV drama.
After that time, I’ve always wanted to ride a skateboard, because it looked so cool.
There are so many reason why I didn’t ride a skateboard in about 20 years, but I think the most important reason is, I don’t have courage to start.
Starting something new is always extremely hard, such as learning other language, meeting new person or working in other country.
However after you started something, you will realize that it’s not that hard.
It’s a fact of life, and I know that.


[Article] Communication Arts / Webpick of the day – FFF project

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Communication Arts - July 2013
Jongmin Kim

FFF project for The FWA advertisement in Web Designing

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