DESK icon design

Projects | July 24, 2014 | Comment




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  • Illustration : Jongmin Kim
  • Design : Sanghee Cho

2014 Google I/O Happy Hour

CM-Log | June 26, 2014 | Comment

There was a after party for Google I/O 2014, and I’ve got a lot of congratulations for my work that evening.


And this is a gift I’ve got at the party.
Socks, pens, earphone, yo yo, Google badge and material design notebook in a canvas bag.


There are some postcard that to explain material design, and other pages are just note.
It’s funny to make the cover looks like material design.
You can see some making-of photos at here


I’m looking for the volume controllable earphone for my Nexus 5, it’s useful to me.


The yo yo has a light.


When I got home, I found the badge has a light too.

Showing my work at Google I/O 2014

Projects | June 25, 2014 | 4 Comments

Many people asked me what I will and have been doing at Google. Most of my works are secret, and this is the only thing I can share now.
There was a project to update Google website with new design (material design) when I joined at Google. Everyone in Google wanted to show the new design with smooth animation on mobile browsers, but they thought it’s not possible. Because animating most of HTML elements is not smooth on mobile. That’s why Avni Shah, who is the speaker at the I/O, said “this thing wasn’t possible a year ago” at Google I/O.
I’ve created new way to make 60fps animation for mobile web for the project, and I made prototypes which have nice animations and user interaction using the way. When I showed my prototypes, it blows everyone’s mind and there was a huge impact to Google mobile animation.
Linus Upson (Engineering VP) introduced my work on his G+, Everyone has wanted to learn how I made it, I’ve got several bonuses and Chrome team has focused on all my works to improve Chrome browser. Now I’m one of the important person for the next generation of Google website, and my works became standard of mobile animation in the project.
Google search is soul of Google and it is big opportunity to work for Google search. Also showing my work at a big show, such as Google I/O, is amazing experience. I’m very proud of it and so exciting!