Are You Feeling Lucky?

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“Are You Feeling Lucky?” is a trivia game developed for use on Assistant visual and speaker platforms through the utilization of Actions on Google. This game represents the world’s first fully immersive voice-forward Assistant experience.

In regards to hardware specifications, it was noted that the performance of smart displays may not be as high as that of mobile devices. During testing, performance issues were observed when utilizing complicated animations on smart displays. To address this, a framework utilizing WebGL was implemented to enhance performance. Animations were then created through the use of code, including adjustments to positions, scales, and rotations. Additionally, vector graphic animations were created and incorporated, enabling the game to adapt to multiple screen sizes without any loss of image quality through pixelation.

Technologies & Tools

  • JavaScript
  • WebGL
  • Game Framework Design
  • Adobe Animate


  • Webby Awards 2019 People’s Voice – May 2019


  • Lead Front-end Engineer : Jongmin Kim