Jongmin Kim is an international award-winning Interactive Developer & Designer, currently works as a senior UX engineer in Google, developing futuristic ideas and creative works.

Jongmin might be better-known for his personal work than for his commercial work, his Form Follows Function project is a collection of entrancing and engrossing “interactive experiences” that highlight just how far HTML5 can go. The award-winning site includes a spinning navigation wheel on the website, with each interactive experience represented by a poster. By clicking on a poster, an interactive experience opens up. Each one is as much a piece of art as it is a chance to push HTML5 to its limits.

Jongmin worked as a senior interactive developer and designer for over five years in South Korea. During that time, he successfully worked on projects for celebrated clients such as Samsung, SK and LG. At Firstborn Multimedia in New York, Jongmin was a Senior Developer worked on Pepsi, Sony and Cadillac. He has received multiple awards, including the Red Dot award, the IF award, the W3 award, the FWA, the Webby awards, the One Show award and the Cannes Lion award.

He always tries to “pursue a minus design rather than plus designs” and keeps in mind that “form follows function”, and interesting animation, interaction and minimal design. His personal works reflect his approach to design.


  • February 2020 – Present / Mountain View, USA

    +Google (Tutor) / Senior UX Engineer
  • July 2018 – January 2020 / Mountain View, USA

    +Google (Doodle & Google Assistant) / Senior UX Engineer, Lead Front End Engineer
  • May 2015 – June 2017 / Mountain View, USA

    +Google (Design Collective) / Senior UX Engineer
    Rated ‘Superb’ among the global top 4.5% of Google, an early promotion within one and half year.
  • November 2013 – April 2015 / Mountain View, USA

    +Google (Knowledge/Search) / UX Engineer
  • January 2011 – October 2013 / New York, USA

    +Firstborn Multimedia / Senior Developer
  • October 2006 – October 2010 / Seoul, Korea

    +Designfever / Senior Interactive Developer
  • September 2005 – September 2006 / Busan, Korea

    Postsys / Lead Designer & Interactive Developer
  • May 2005 – September 2005 / Busan, Korea

    Channel CNA / Designer


  • +tvN Shift 질문으로 자라는 아이 – tvN 다큐 / January 2020

  • +EBS 특별기획 미래 교육을 묻다 – E.B.S 다큐 / December 2018


  • +Leon Sans / August 2019

    Leon Sans is a geometric sans-serif typeface made with code in 2019 by Jongmin Kim.
    It allows to change font weight dynamically and to create custom animations, effects or shapes in the Canvas element of HTML5.
    He designed the font to celebrate his newborn baby Leon.

  • +Chamoy Creative – with Chamoy Creative / May 2018

    Created a gooey sauce effect for Chamoy Creative, which is a marketing agency that is located in Texas.

  • +NONI NONI / August 2017

    My two year old daughter loves drawing and calls it “no-ni no-ni”. Her love of drawing inspired me to create this website for kids.
    NONI NONI is a website where you can draw pictures or letters which are converted to 3d visual made up of colorful balls which are her favorite toys.

    It utilizes Google’s Translate API and Machine Learning, the same technology as QuickDraw. For the 3d visualization, it takes
    illustrations from AutoDraw, as well as from artist Sanghee Cho.

  • +MON / October 2016

    Halloween is one of my favorite day of the year. When I was a child, I watched B horror movies, such as Frankenstein, Dracula, and it blew my mind. I think I loved the sadness and loneliness feeling of the monsters, and also loved the Gothic style mise en scene. It’s no wonder I’m a big fan of Tim Burton, George Romero, and Hitchcock’s movies.

    I was inspired by my baby’s Halloween costume and made this project using HTML5 technology, especially Canvas, Webkit, and WebGL. It perfectly works on both desktop and mobile devices. You can enjoy the full-screen experience when you Add to Home Screen on your mobile.
    I’ve always wanted to make this kind of project – minimal design, bold color, fun interaction with Monsters :)
    Special thanks to Sanghee Cho who illustrated all icons for this project.

  • +Booounce / May 2016

    Booounce is a collection of inspiring short videos and GIFs, and the website also has nice animations and transitions.
    This website was created with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and designed for all size of devices.
    I’ve created my own animation libraries for this project, such as Typo animation, Skew bouncing transition, Line animation, Bouncing ball transition and Masking transitions. And tried to improve the performance on the mobile devices.

  • +MASAHIROMARUYAMA – with Makoto Sawada / April 2015

    This site creates the experience of a full-screen 360 degree portraits of the Masahiro Maruyama’s unique glasses collection.

  • +Material Interaction / December 2014

    Material Interaction shows interactive experiences for Google’s Material Design Principles. It was created with HTML5 and CSS3 and works well on mobile & tablet devices.

  • +DDANGA – with Sanghee Cho / February 2014

    Interactive / Mobile / UI Designer, Sanghee Cho’s portfolio website.

  • +The mimetic words of Hangeul / May 2013

    Hangeul is the Korean alphabet. Instead of being written sequentially, like English, Hangeul is grouped into blocks that represent individual syllables. In this way, it can be used to write most sounds.
    The Mimetic Words of Hangeul is an art project that attempts to visually represent onomatopoeic and mimetic words according to their meaning.
    The project was made using HTML5, especially Canvas, and it works beautifully on both desktop and tablet.

  • +Form Follows Function / January 2013

    Form Follows Function is a collection of interactive experiences. Each experience has its own unique design and functionality.
    All the experiences are created in HTML5, the site works beautifully on both desktop and tablet.
    Form Follows Function demonstrates the power of the browser and current technology, while also pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

  • +DESK Project / December 2011

    DESK, is a platform for creators to share and find inspiration in the very places they create—their desks. It pays tribute to creative professionals’ unsung, most personal work. Users can upload a gallery of their own desk and browse through a gallery of others’. Previously unrecognized, the desk is often just as much a work of art as the projects they use that space to create.

  • +Jongmin Kim Portfolio / April 2010

    On the last day of Tokyo travel, when I was flipping through the photos, that I took during the travel, I noticed that the photos in timely and in space order compose a story as it floats like a stop motion animation. I made gallery section based this idea.
    I wanted the users getting to feel like actually getting on a plane and going to the cities, so I designed the flip navigation that you can see in airport, and added the sound effect and zoom-in transition in the section.

    If you pronounce the words, it divides into syllables, I classified these syllables and organized the words up and down. For example, word ‘Paris’, pronunciation divides in to (Pa)/(ris), by placing up and down. I made a familiar word to awkward and gave a visually freshness and design effect.

    The basic concept of this site is the integrated concept of Space Time, away from the concept completed by Albert Einstein as a separate concept. In Photo section, I made it to show the applicable photos only when time and space is selected together, and in Work section, it is organized in timely order and designed to have formally space.


  • August 2015

    +Interactive Developer : Google Engineer’s Portfolio
  • August 2014

    +DESK Project


  • November 2019

    +Haeundae High School – Korea
  • November 2019

    +Design Spectrum, Plus X, Shinsegae – Korea
  • May 2019

    +UXE Conference 2019 – Google, New York
  • June 2018

    +LG Electronics – Korea
  • September 2017

    +Design Table Ep13. 인터랙티브 디벨로퍼 – Podcast
  • August 2017

    +Samsung SDS– Korea
  • August 2017

    +Samsung Electronics– Korea
  • August 2017

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  • April 2017

    UXE Conference 2017 – Google, New York
  • March 2017

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  • November 2016

    +IDG UX World 2016 Fall – Korea
  • August 2016

    +Adobe Day for Creativity – Korea
  • March 2016

    +CA Conference 65 & 66 – Korea
  • October 2015

    +I am a Programmer – Podcast
  • December 2014

    +Making Smooth Animations for Mobile Web – Google, Mountain View
  • March 2014

    +Improve animation performance – Google, Mountain View

    • May 2019

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    • December 2014

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      The FWA, Mobile of the Day – Material Interaction
      Google, Most Innovative Person of The Year at Knowledge UX
      +The FWA, FWA Hero Medal
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    • June 2014

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    • July 2013

      The FWA, Site of the Day – The Mimetic Words of Hangeul
      The FWA, Mobile of the Day – The Mimetic Words of Hangeul
    • April 2013

      17th Webby Awards, Official Nominee – Form Follows Function
      .Net Awards 2013 – Side project of the year, Nominee – Form Follows Function
    • February 2013

      The FWA, Site of the Day – Form Follows Function
      The FWA, Mobile of the Day – Form Follows Function
    • January 2013

      The FWA / Adobe, The Cutting Edge Award – Form Follows Function
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      Web Award Korea, Winner – DESK project
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    • August 2011

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    • August 2010

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    • April 2010

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    • October 2009

      Red Dot Design Award, Winner – Samsung DNSe 3.0
      iF Design Award, Winner – Samsung P3
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      Web Award Korea, Excellent Prize – YBM ECC iLearning Season2
    • December 2008

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      Digital Media Award, Third Prize – Samsung Air Conditioner
      Digital Media Award, Winner – Samsung Printer
      Award from Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Winner – Samsung Printer
    • November 2007

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    • December 2007

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    • October 2016

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    • April 2012 ~ January 2015

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    • December 2014

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    • December 2009

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