Cadillac ATS vs The World

Projects | August 7, 2012 | Comment



Fallon approached Firstborn to create a slick web experience for the new Cadillac ATS. Firstborn built a site that flows between four different international destinations, each one showing off the car’s unique features. The user can explore each location, devour exclusive content and even check in to prove to friends that they were ‘there’. Parallax animation seamlessly pulls the users deeper into each environment to learn more about the car’s features. Using WebGL, Firstborn created a spinning globe to replicate the TV spot. Additionally, Firstborn created tablet and mobile versions. Once we realized the possibilities behind using WebGL, we completely changed our design. We went from a site intro featuring 3D video to a spinning 3D globe in HTML.

Technologies & Tools

  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • Canvas
  • Animation
  • Interaction


  • The FWA, Site of the Day– August 2012


  • Lead Developer : Jongmin Kim

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