2014 Google I/O Happy Hour

Log | June 26, 2014 | Comment

There was a after party for Google I/O 2014, and I’ve got a lot of congratulations for my work that evening.


And this is a gift I’ve got at the party.
Socks, pens, earphone, yo yo, Google badge and material design notebook in a canvas bag.


There are some postcard that to explain material design, and other pages are just note.
It’s funny to make the cover looks like material design.
You can see some making-of photos at here


I’m looking for the volume controllable earphone for my Nexus 5, it’s useful to me.


The yo yo has a light.


When I got home, I found the badge has a light too.

Showing my work at Google I/O 2014

Projects | June 25, 2014 | 7 Comments

As a member of the Google team, I am honored to have been involved in a number of confidential projects. However, I am able to share details of one project in which I played a significant role. Upon my arrival at Google, there was an initiative underway to update the company’s website with a new design incorporating Material Design principles. One major challenge that arose during this project was ensuring smooth animation on mobile browsers, as animating most HTML elements on mobile devices is not always seamless. Avni Shah, a speaker at Google’s I/O conference, even noted that this task was considered impossible just a year prior.
In response to this challenge, I developed a novel solution to enable 60fps animation for mobile web. Through the creation of various prototypes, I was able to demonstrate how this approach could be used to achieve visually pleasing animations and user interactions. My demonstrations received widespread acclaim and had a significant impact on the animation capabilities of the Google mobile website.
Linus Upson, the Engineering Vice President, even highlighted my work on his G+ profile. My approach quickly gained recognition within the company, resulting in numerous bonuses and increased attention from the Chrome team. As a result of my contributions, I am now considered an important member of the team responsible for the next generation of the Google website, and my work has become a standard for mobile animation within the company.
Working on Google search is an incredible opportunity, and the chance to showcase my work at a major event such as Google I/O was a truly amazing experience. I am incredibly proud of my contributions and excited about the future of Google website.